9 Ways Facebook Is Trying to Be the Only App You Need

Nerd with two gadgetsMany of us think that Facebook is best for posting pictures of our babies and cats or espousing our views of political candidates, but the company has much, much, much bigger plans. Much.

Despite the fact that kids see Facebook as a fuddy-duddy tool (check out my interview with a couple of teens as well as this video), Facebook thinks it can provide everything you need in an app from now until the internet dies.… Get the scoop...

Amazon Giveaways: An Intriguing Experiment

This week the super-smart company Amazon.com gave all of us marketing folks another way to spend money on its online store with Amazon Giveaways, an easy, super-fast way to reward your followers and communities with prizes.

Set up a giveawaySetting Up an Amazon Giveaway

I’m known for being giveaway crazy, so I was quite excited with the new feature, which lets you scroll to the bottom of most of the Amazon-shipped products on the site and push a button at the bottom that says, “Set up a giveaway.”

When you click through, you have a handful of settings to establish, and you’re ready to go.… Get the scoop...