Don’t Fear the Laptop Ban: You CAN Work from Your Phone

The laptop ban. Oh how that worries me.

I actually treasure the time I spend working on a plane. It’s uninterrupted blocks of time that let me finish up presentations, develop new content, catch up with emails (offline so that I don’t receive immediate replies and I can clear out my inbox) and just have clear thinking time without my regular distractions.… Get the scoop...

Technology Tools for Traveling

2015-08-26 19.38.13Technology and travel go hand in hand, but few of us take full advantage of the free tech tools that can help us plan and organize our travel.

Text Your Travel Agent

Textable Travel Agent Bot

Travel Agent Bot with Human Backup

Personal Travel Service for Hotels, Flights and More

In the new world order, we’re able to do more and more by texting back and forth with really smart computers.… Get the scoop...

Best Apps for the New Year

Nerd with two gadgetsNow that you’ve cleared the deck of all your other New Year’s Resolutions, you might consider adding “Get Organized” to your digital to-do list. Every one of these tools will help save you time (and money!) so you can concentrate on your work and get ready for a great year.… Get the scoop...

Microsoft Translator: The best app of the year

An American, a German and a Russian walk into a bar.

The American says, “Let’s all be friends. I’ll buy the next round!”

The German and the Russian smile awkwardly and go back to their phones.

They don’t speak English, so…

But then the German yells out a happy “Heiliger Strohsack!” and starts pointing to an app on his phone.… Get the scoop...