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Beth Z is the AI speaker and ChatGPT guru that your audiences need to understand the impact of artificial intelligence on your industry. 

Meet Beth Z, Your Nerdy BFF

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To find technology to make your life easier, you could hunt for hours, demo for days or Google for greatness.

Or you could just ask Your Nerdy Best Friend.

Beth Z, Your Nerdy BFF, sorts through the digital clutter to discover tech tips, tools and tricks to solve life's everyday problems. Then she shares her best tips in easy-to-understand short bites with humor and pizzazz.

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Looking for the speaker who delivers content and chuckles? Or the “surprise and delight” keynote with actionable takeaways?

As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Beth Z’s charismatic, engaging and informative style is a hard combo to come by – but she's got it in spades.

Video: Beth Z Your Nerd Online

Watch: Beth Z - Your Nerdy BFF Online

Beth Z Video - Why Choose a CSP?

Watch: Why Choose a CSP?

Watch: Beth Z in 7 Minutes!

Video - Beth Z in 7 Minutes

What Audiences Say...

Chris Cavanaugh, RyMed Technologies

Chris Cavanaugh

RyMed Technologies

“What a fantastic speaker! Beth spoke to our group of nurses who are mostly over 40 and non-techy. It was one of the best presentations we had at the meeting. She is funny, engaging and so down to earth!”

Rachel Tristano, South Shore Realtors, Inc.

Rachel Tristano

South Shore Realtors, Inc.

“My experience watching Beth at a conference has encompassed both her live and virtual live sessions. Both were equally amazing and captivating! She has incredible, high energy and is empowering, knowledgeable and so easy to watch that her sessions could last all day and not be considered long.”

Tom Curtis, Edges Electrical Group

Tom Curtis

Edges Electrical Group

“I've seen Beth speak on multiple occasions, and each time I've come away with new ideas to put into daily use. I also use her Big Book of Apps whenever I start searching for a new or better way to do something.”

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