This spring the world changed.
Here's how Beth Z changed with it.
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Meet Beth Ziesenis...

Beth Z speaks to 10,000+ attendees a year...
99% of whom can't pronounce her last name.

She has been named a top speaker by some very famous meeting planning publications.

And she really likes her job.

Certified Speaking Professional


Beth Z is now a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

It's kind of a big deal.


There's an app for that! Beth Z's books cover hundreds of apps and tech tools to make your life easier.

The Big Book of Apps TWO!

Beth's newest book comes out the fall of 2019.

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Have laptop, will travel! Beth Z offers keynotes, webinars and breakout sessions to groups of any size.

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Beth Z speaks to professionals from dozens of industries to share great tech tools for immediate takeaways.

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Beth Z still spends much of her time alone on the computer hunting down the best new tech tools.

Check out the blog!

Beth adds new tech tools every week to her blog.

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Notes from Attendees and Meeting Organizers

I will never miss one of her sessions. My whole office is now using tips I got from her!Attendee
You were beyond awesome! Our attendees were most assuredly satisfied with the content of the meeting.Meeting Planner
If you have an opportunity to have Beth speak at one of your conferences, everyone there would learn a lot from her vast knowledge and experience.She's really the best speaker I have ever seen.Meeting Planner
I particularly appreciated the time you gave us to visit with our neighbors.Attendee
Superlative, wonderfully funny. By far my favorite session.Attendee
Many attendees were taking fast and furious notes throughout the presentation... in between peals of laughter, of course.Meeting Planner