January 9

Jing: Screen captures for free

Have you ever done a screen capture by pressing Print Screen, pasting it somewhere, editing it and sending it off? One of my favorite new (free!) tools is Jing, a little application from TechSmith, which makes the screen capture process insanely easy.

Jing sits on your screen at all times in the form of a little yellow sun. You can click on the capture button to bring up cross hairs that allow you to capture the part of the screen you want. Then you can either create an image that you can add notes to, or a movie up to five minutes long! It rocks.

Another cool thing? Once you have the capture you want, you can save it to your computer or throw it up to your own private account at screencast.com. Then you send a link to see it.

The Jing Blog with tips

Jing how tos

Jing made Beth’s Top Efficiency Tools list!


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  • Hi! Has Techsmith replaced Jing with another product? Any recommendations for a similar tool — that’s free?

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