January 9

WorkTime: You need this tool, but you’re not going to like it

I’m on the hunt for new free and low-cost tools to update my best resource document. Yesterday I found WorkTime from NesterSoft.

WorkTime tracks every single activity on your computer. It shows you how long you surf the web, work on a document, spend writing emails. I can’t imagine a better tool for understanding where your time goes so you can change habits and increase your productivity.

I’ve been “on the clock” for 2 hours, 40 minutes this morning. MORE THAN HALF of that time was spent on the web — with my blog, my latest advertising campaign, checking my bank account…. UGH! No wonder I struggle.

Download the trial version here, and see for yourself how much time you’re actually working. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy it at a one-time cost of $29.95 for the home version. I think it’s even more helpful than using the Outlook Journal tool for tracking billable hours.

WorkTime also help you with understanding other areas of your business. How much time does it take to answer a client’s email? How long does it take you to create an invoice? How much time does it take to land a new client?

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  • Hi Beth – love the new site!

    Would be flattered if you’d consider reviewing our personal application for time capture, Chrometa. We just released our 2.0 version of the product…have a number of freelancers using it, and would love to get your thoughts 🙂

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