February 12

Ergonomics Simplified: A free evaluation tool

I took about 15 minutes to run through the free interactive ergonomics evaluation from ErgonomicsSimplified. Although I ran across a few questions that didn’t have answers that applied, I learned much about proper monitor height, mouse adjustment, seat specifics and foot rests.

The evaluation gives you tips as you answer the questions, and at the end you get a full list of problem areas and recommendations for products (which they sell).  But the free quiz is well worth a few minutes. As ErgonomicsSimplified President Chris Sorrells said, a professional evaluation from an ergonomics consultant may cost clost to $350, so this tool can save you money and perhaps give you recommendations to make your life in the chair a little more comfy.

What did I learn? The chair I bought at a garage sale is too short. The desk my boyfriend gave me is too tall. My monitors need to be elevated,  and I should take more breaks.

Ergonomics Simplified.


ergonomics, productivity

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