February 18

BudURL: URL shrinker with tracking

Way back in the day, tinyurl.com was the first well-known service that allowed you to turn a monstrous web address into a short, cute little URL.

In the Twitter world, where all you get is 140 characters, these URL-shortening sites have popped up everywhere. My favorite has been is.gd, both because it’s so dang short and because it makes me smile when I remember it stands for “is good.”

But my Twitter buddy @MsGreene just turned me on to BudURL, which allows you to do so much more than simply create a shorter link. You can create an account to manage your links, see instant click stats, track referrers, test links from different sites to compare ROI — and more.

You get the basics with the free version, but some pretty fun stats are included in the $4/month level.




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