February 19, 2009

gubb: List-making made easy


Gubb comes highly recommended from the Twitter world (thanks to Bruce Wagner by way of my buddy napril1023).

Gubb is a list-makers dream. They lists are color coded; they’re available on via phone, email and web; they’re prioritizable. You can share your lists and collaborate with others. And, according to gubb, they look good in print.

I tend to make my lists with pen and paper, but for those of you who like the electronic versions, gubb may be just the thing.


PS — don’t you dig the crazy names for all these free tools? Xobni, Wordle, gubb, Cucku….


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  • I’m a huge list maker ( you should see my bedside table — oodles of them). I also have to do them with paper/pen, I’ve tried tons of electronic ones, but I jut get so much more organized/motivated from having a sheet of paper tag along with me all day.

    I finally designed an “all inclusive” daily planner sheet and I wanted to share it with other crazy people like me. So i made it available to download (PDF file) on my blog. The Ultimate To-Do List . Check it out 🙂

    Jen Allyson

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