April 8, 2009

FastDue.com – Free Online Accounting with Contract Template Library


I’ve written before about Microsoft Office Accounting Express, which is an awesome free accounting tool (and a Beth Favorite) that works like QuickBooks, at least for amateurs like me.

Someone sent me a link to FastDue, which is intriguing as well. It’s got the same kind of invoicing capabilities and also lets you accept PayPal. But the coolest thing is that it contains a library of business document templates, such as contracts, non-disclosure agreements, etc. People are always asking me where to get agreements, and I like that they’re right here in the system.

FastDue is free for now — they pay for themselves with ads. I read they may switch to a standard/premium structure, which I would guess means you may be able to choose not to have the ads.

FastDue.com – Move Your Business Online.


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  • Tired Fastdue.com and I agree- its very simple and does almost everything I need for my property management business- tossing my quickbooks into the trash!

    I wish they had some more specific forms for landlords though. I put in a request for them to add this feature- lets see what happens. I hope they make it- its a nice alternative to the boring stuff thats out there now.

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