May 29

Identifont: Identify a mystery font online

This free tool is wonderful when you see a font you like but don’t know the name. Identifont has a step-by-step wizard that takes you through a series of questions about the font, such as where the squiggle goes on the capital “Q.” It’ll even help if you have only a few letters to work with (like a flier headline). Another great search engine is its picture search tool, which combs picture-and symbol-based fonts to help you find that perfect dingbat of a pair of nerdy glasses.

I’ve used it several times, and the font matches that Identifont proposed have come pretty close to the mark.

The site doesn’t have a preview button, so you have to scroll through the fonts; but the collection of fun handwritten fonts is impressive.

Check out the fonts Identifont recommended for the font I used for “Cheapskate Freelancer” in my banner. Pretty close!

Identifont – Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name

Identifont made Beth’s Top Graphic Tools list!



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