June 3

RoboForm: Save your passwords, conserve your typing

Two of the respondents in last month’s Giveaway mentioned RoboForm as their favorite free tool, and I agree it’s pretty darn cool.

RoboForm allows you to create an account that autofills passwords and other forms when you visit a website. It’s downloadable software (not sure if it works on PC and Mac), with a web-based edition as well.

I actually have this functionality with my Norton software, and I LOVE it. With this type of program, you’ll never have to fill out NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, etc again. RoboForm promises it keeps everything secure, and, like I said, it comes highly recommended by two regular readers of the Cheapskate Freelancer.

RoboForm: Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Management.


productivity, security, utility, web

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