June 22, 2009

PDFCreator: Free PDF converter with bonus features


Cheapskate Freelancer reader Julie Mazziotta turned me on to PDFCreator, a super free tool that creates PDFs and more.

  • Creates PDFs from any program that prints
  • Can also make graphic files from documents (PNGs, JPGs, etc)
  • Here’s a great feature … Merges multiple files into one PDF!

I’m putting this under Mac and PC, but it may be just PC. Literature doesn’t give details.

PDFCreator | pdfforge.org

Have a great free tool to contribute? Send it on…

Don’t forget… June contest ends soon! Tell me your favorite tool that’s worth the price for a chance to win Amazon.com Gift Certificate.


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  • Not sure if this qualifies as a “tool”, but Corel Paint Shop Pro X is an amazing photo editing program…lots of similar features as Photoshop, but at a fraction of a cost! It makes me photos look professional 🙂

  • Just to be clear, all of these features are built-in to Mac OS X, so there would really be no need for it on that platform.

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