July 17

Search Engine Mania

UPDATED August 2018!

This post comes straight from a longtime reader. Thanks for the list, Mark!

A colleague just shared this list with me, and I thought this might be something to include on your list of free and low-cost tools. With so many ways to search the Internet now, you shouldn’t necessarily stop just because you don’t find what you’re looking for with the first search engine you first try!

www.goodsearch.org – when you use this one, they will donate money to a charity/cause of your choosing, or to the one they have chosen for the day – makes you feel good!

www.gapminder.org – you can view statistics in kind-of a 3-D bubble graph the moves as the data/facts/dates/ increase.

www.waybackmachine.com – you can find the original link for anything that has been online…the archived version.

www.bing.com – very similar to yahoo.com and google.com


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