September 25

GreenPrint Software: Take control of your printer

Most of us green-types cringe when we print out a 10-page document that has giant pictures and a last page with 3 words on it. GreenPrint helps take control of your printer, allowing you to save money, ink and trees.

Download the application and it installs like a printer. Then you can print to GreenPrint and choose which pages you want to print and whether you want graphics. You can also use it to print straight to a PDF.

I love that it also includes a little meter to keep track of how many printed pages you’ve avoided and how much money you’ve saved on ink. GreenPrint World is fully functional and free, though you have to see ads for green companies. The Home Premium edition costs just $29 per computer.

GreenPrint Software – Millions of Trees Can’t be Wrong..


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