November 13

Poll Everywhere: Free Audience Response System

Monday I’m speaking for the Western Association of Chamber Executives, and during our webinar dress rehearsal, the coordinators told me about Poll Everywhere.

Poll Everywhere is a free/low-cost replacement for the very expensive audience polling devices. Instead of handing out devices that connect to a man behind the curtain who creates a chart of results for the audience to see, a speaker can ask the audience to text their choice of responses from a poll he’s displaying, and the results are instantly communicated to a dynamic PowerPoint slide he can show. The system integrates with Twitter, and people can vote from the web as well.

It’s free for up to 30 responses, and darn cheap after that. Plus there’s no long-term commitment, so you can go to the highest level for a one-time event then go back to a free account.

Text Message (SMS) Polls and Voting, Audience Response System | Poll Everywhere.

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