January 26

Jott.com: No More Texting and Driving

Come on… be honest. Some of you still text and drive, right? Jott.com is the solution. Just dial a number on your phone, and a chipper voice asks, “Who do you want to Jott?” Say the name of a contact (or yourself), and Jott will take your message and convert it to text, plus attach the audio for the recipient’s listening pleasure. One of the attendees to my presentation called it “automated nagging.”

Jott has been one of my Beth Favorites for a couple of years now. It used to be free, which was crazy, and now they charge a very reasonable $3.95 a month for their most basic service. Well worth it. It integrates with all kinds of things — social media, great to-do list services, etc. Love it.

Jott.com | Voice-to-Text Notes, To Dos & Reminders.


just plain fun, on the go, productivity, social media

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