March 10

WhatTheFont!: Font recognition from graphics

WhatTheFont is a lot like one of my favorites, Identifont. This little free service allows you to upload a graphic that contains words, and the system does its best to identify your font.

I tried it with a few logos I’ve developed where I knew what the font was. It hit about 50 percent of the time, but the misses were darn close. I could have easily used one of the fonts they came up with as a close match to the look and feel.

WhatTheFont is a tool brought to you by MyFonts, which looks to be a pretty inexpensive way to purchase interesting fonts. Of course, I still prefer dafont, which is free. I’m funny like that.

WhatTheFont! « MyFonts.

One more tip to help you find the perfect font. Have you ever spent a half-hour in Microsoft Word scrolling through your installed fonts one by one to find the perfect look for a document? is a clever web tool lets you write a few words for a preview then loads your fonts into the site so you can see them all at once. The site lets you choose your favorites then filter them to see your top choices together. It’s 100 percent free and super easy to use.

Both and WhatTheFont! made Beth’s Top Graphic Tools list!


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