April 26

Readability: Clear the clutter from your web pages

My new best friend, bestselling author Dan Pink, shared his favorite free tool, Readability, for the book. (Well, perhaps he’s not my *best* friend, but he did write me back.)

Readability is a simple bookmarklet you add to your browser. When you want to read an article on a website with too much crapola (ads, banners, overwhelming pictures, etc), you simply click the button, and poof — the page is clean and easy to read.

With the new generation of Readability, you can read the article now with zero distractions or save it into a folder to read later. You can also send it to your Kindle (the device or even a free software download) to read at your convenience.

Readability – An Arc90 Lab Experiment.

Readability made Beth’s Top Personal Tools list!


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