May 11

Twiddla: Surf the web together

Most of us surf the web solo, navigating between things we’re supposed to be researching and things we shouldn’t be doing at work (like I just shopped for bubble wrap for a gift for my 3-year-old nephew — that’s what he loves most about my gifts!).

Twiddla made it into my book as a great way to collaborate on your web surfing. My running buddy Andy wrote me about it last night, and I realized I needed to write it up for Cheapskate Freelancer.

You can literally be on the same home pages and mark up the content as a team. As Andy says, “You can also browse to a site and make fun of it by drawing mustaches and stuff on it. And it’s free!”

Looking for more collaboration tools? Check out the Collaboration Category.

Twiddla – Painless Team Collaboration for the Web.


collaboration, desktop sharing, just plain fun

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