August 13

Paperless Post and Postagram as Email Alternatives

In the year 2000, people sent about 12 million daily emails. In 2010, the number of emails per day is 247 billion — an increase of about 20,000%! If you want your email to be noticed in all that mess, you have to do something different.

Give Paperless Post a try. Sign up for an account and you get 25 free “stamps” that allow you to send a cool, attention-getting email as an invitation, announcement or thank you. Your recipient receives an elegant email with an envelope they click to open. The invitations themselves are fun to open, and they have tons of templates and realistic-looking textured papers that look as handsome as something you get in the mail.

Paperless Post is not free, and there are several things about the system and the pricing that have made me hesitate to recommend it for business use. First, it’s a clumsy way to manage contacts and responses. Second, all their little extras (like envelope liners and your logo) can really add up. But I just had a great response when I sent a promotion about my speaking services to my professional association contacts, so I thought I’d share.


Watch this quick video to see how it works:

Online Invitations, Stationery, Announcements, and Save the Dates by Paperless Post



Postagram is not an email at all. It’s an extra-thick postcard with a cool punch-out picture. For about $1, you can simply upload a picture (or choose one from Instagram or Facebook), add an address then press a button. Within the week, your postcard will reach its destination; and again, you’ll reap the benefit of standing out in an inbox.

Both Paperless Post and Postagram made Beth’s Top Relationship Tools list!


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