April 12, 2011

contxts: Mobile Business Cards


I attend a lot of conferences, and inevitably I end up talking to an interesting person who says, “Here, let me give you my card…. oh dear! I seem to have left them in my….”

Contxts solves this problem in an instant. In about 2 minutes, you can set up an account for a virtual business card. Then all you need to do is give your new friend a code to text to 50500, and she instantly has your information. Or you can get her mobile number and send your card to her. It’s easy!

Try it out! Text “AskBethZ” (without the quotations) to 50500!

contxts – mobile sms business cards.

contxts made Beth’s Top Relationship Tools list!


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  • Beth, I was one of those “interesting” people that attended the conference. I LOVE THIS! I ran out of cards by the end of day 2 and was very excited when you showed me contxts! The very next day, eleven new friends received my virtual biz cards and I didn’t miss out on making the connection. As The Catalyst in the group, I shared how easy it was and about half of them were going to make their own. Thanks for making us all look like Rockstars!

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