June 19

Minutes:io: Easy online meeting notes

Screen-shot-2011-07-22-at-5.12.06-PM-620x359Just because you have a great way to conduct a meeting doesn’t mean your meeting is going to be productive. Ever have to transcribe handwritten notes from a meeting then spend half an hour sending them out to everyone? What a pain.

Before meetings, you can use Minutes.io to prepare agendas and enter attendees. During the meetings, just keep the sites open to take notes, record decisions, create action items and take attendance. After the meeting, you can email the meeting notes to the attendees and reiterate the action items.

I love that they don’t make you register for the site even though you have access to the archive.

Oh, and I also love that it’s completely free.

Watch my full review here: YouTube – Minutes.io.

Minutes.io made Beth’s Top Meeting Tools list!



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