April 26

WeGoLook.com: Verify Your Long-Distance Purchases

A few years ago I purchased a fairly expensive antique Coca Cola thermometer for my mother for Christmas via Ebay. It looked awesome to me when I wrapped it, and Mom adored it… until she saw that the mercury thermometer was broken, rendering the piece much less valuable.

Too bad WeGoLook.com didn’t exist way back then. For $49, a background-checked “Looker” will go check out any item you need to eyeball before you buy: furniture for your office, a car for your business trips, equipment for your company. They will go see the item (or property), confirm the existence and basic functionality, check out the details that validate your purchase and much more. They even take up to 10 pictures and include them in a report.

In addition, you can purchase add-ons, such as a video, shipping and more. It’s a worthwhile investment when you’re making a big purchase.

If you like this tool, try…

(PS — they’ll also go check out a date if you’re meeting people online — thus eliminating a potential creep factor!)

WeGoLook.com: Onsite Inspection of Auction Items, Autos, Properties, Field Services


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