October 3

Generate Facebook Like Signs in a flash!


This morning I was leaving an appointment when I noticed a very professional “Like us on Facebook” page in the office window. The receptionist said she generated it from the web — for free!

The trick to using these generators to create a sign is to make sure your FB page has a vanity URL. Click here for step-by-step instructions to create your own vanity URL.

Now for the generators!

This one comes from WhatCounts.com, although it’s a little hard to find on their site. But don’t worry, I found it for you here.  I like that this one includes a way to like a page via a text message, but Facebook may make it a little tricky. The person has to have connected his mobile device with his Facebook account, and he may want to send back “unsubscribe” as a message to avoid getting texts for every update on the Facebook page.

Another instant generator site is Spotlike. I turned this one into a tabletop retractable banner stand that I bring with me to all my sessions. This one generates a QR code automatically.


Do you know of any other Facebook Like page generators? Please share!




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