January 17

Windows 8 Review (Spoiler: I hate it)

I have been so excited to be able to try out Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft. I was fully prepared to pay full price. I was even considering buying a Microsoft Surface tablet just so I could work with it. I just knew that I had to get my hands on it to be able to share my opinion.

To my surprise, I was able to score it for almost nothing because they offered $40 upgrades to those of us who had downloaded the free beta, and a weird loophole let me reduce the cost to $15.

Before I begin my review, I should add that perhaps my version of Windows 8 doesn’t act like yours because I’m using a Mac that has the capability of also running a PC platform. That being said, I think what I experienced may be the same for many Windows 8 users.

Here’s my quick review…

A 2-minute review of Windows 8 from Your Nerdy Best Friend



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