Fancy Hands Giveaway

How would YOU use a Fancy Hands assistant this week? Fancy Hands is one of my very favorite and most helpful small business resources. They offer freelance assistants to do small tasks for you for five bucks each or less.

I have the biggest package (25 tasks for $65/month), and I will share five tasks with you (they expire May 30).

Just leave a comment below on what you would do with a personal assistant, and you may win! I’ll pick my favorite tasks to give five people a hand next week. I even assigned a task to Fancy Hands to have an actual assistant chime in with real feedback about the task ideas. 

Make sure you leave your email so I can reward you. All entries must be received by Friday at 2 p.m. Pacific!

You should watch this video to see what Fancy Hands can do!


WE HAVE WINNERS! Read below to see what Fancy Hands had to say about the best types of tasks for their service:


I would have them research the best storage system for digital photographs. I have almost completely filled my hard drive with hundreds of gigabytes of digital images. I need input as to the best resource for either online storage, or what kind of system I should set up for back up and storage. Being a Realtor and photographer, I have loads of photos I work with. This would solve a huge problem I have right now. Thanks!

Why? Because I know how it is to fill up storage with digital pics! Plus we have gurus here that can definitely help with that.

I’m planning a big trip in a few weeks through Minneapolis and Chicago and would love help tracking down the best places eat and explore!

We are great at planning itineraries!


I want to find out the best item to buy that would allow me to work on my laptop and my ipad outside during the summer months. The sun is too bright for me to be able to see what’s on the screen. There has to be some type of gadget I could use to take the glare off the screen. (Yes, I could go in the shade; but I really prefer to be basking in the sun!)

I completely agree! (To be perfectly honest, if we find that product, I’ll be snagging one up to!)


forward an excel database for upload to a message that I will create later…

We are great with this kind of things!


I have a business trip to Copenhagen coming up the first week in June. I’ve never been there and still haven’t researched the destination at all! Although I won’t have a lot of free time while I’m there, it would be a huge help if someone could research public transportation, a couple of reasonable places to eat, and just 1 or 2 not-to-miss things to do. Thanks!

Again, we are great with helping planning trips and this is right up our alley.

I love all the requests for house cleaning. I’d be a member of Fancy Hands myself if we offered house cleaning!

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