June 6

Phone Shortcuts: TalkTo, GetHuman and Lucyphone

A 2012 survey found that more than half of us spend 10-20 minutes on hold every week, which adds up to 13 hours a year and 43 days in a lifetime. How irritating is that? You can save time and sanity by using a service that will sit on hold for you.


Just search for the company you’d like to contact using the Lucyphone apps or website, and the site will call them for you and then give you a call when they finally get a human on the line.


You can also visit the very helpful GetHuman site, which lists the phone numbers and secret pathways to a live operator. GetHuman also works with Lucyphone for the callback service, plus it connects you directly with live chat systems and offers the best email address for getting results.


TalkTo is an almost unnerving site. You can find any business — and I mean any business — even my old freelance writing biz was listed — and send a text or online question. Somehow, some way, TalkTo finds someone to answer your question. Then you can get the response via email, text or online. TalkTo operators act as conduits, and it’s a little strange because the TalkTo rep — not the company — will respond, but they do it in first person as if the company was talking directly to you. Still, it’s an amazing way to find out if your local bakery has red velvet cupcakes without picking up the phone.

TalkTo made Beth’s Top Efficiency Tools list!


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