July 3

Computer Security Tools: AVG Free, avast!, Spybot and iAntivirus

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AVG Free and avast! are usually at the top of the lists of free computer security tools, although they both have moderately priced full versions that are worth the expense.

Spybot – Search and Destroy’s free version is completely awesome and unobtrusive and can run side-­by‐side with your regular antivirus software. Spybot’s main function is to find and get rid of sneaky programs that often install themselves when you click advertisements or install free software with annoying or dangerous add­‐ons.

The  newest  Mac  operating  systems  have  some  pretty  hefty   controls  when  it  comes  to  downloads,  meaning  nothing  can  be  installed  without   permission  (or  that’s  the  way  it’s  supposed  to  work).  Just  in  case,  I  use  iAntivirus,  a  free   app  from  Norton,  to  scan  my  MacBook  Air.

AVG Free, Spybot and iAntivirus all made Beth’s Top Security list!


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