July 5

Call Management System: Google Voice


Update Jan. 13, 2017: Well, I don’t exactly know what the update is, but changes are a comin’! Google has confirmed that Google Voice will be getting some major updates very soon. I’m thrilled because it hadn’t been updated in years, and I was under the impression that it was headed toward retirement. I’ll keep you posted!


Google Voice is in a category of its own. Have you ever had to write an email to someone that says, “If it’s after 5 p.m., call on this line; or call the office during the weekdays, unless it’s Tuesday, when you can reach me at the volunteer center”?

Google Voice simplifies your incoming and outgoing calls, and does much more. It’s not a phone service; let’s call it an advanced call-management system. Most of the awesome features are free, and it can centralize (and revolutionize) your phone and text communications.

Here’s a partial list of Google Voice awesomeness:
• Custom vanity phone numbers
• One number that can route to all your phones
• Free and low-cost national and international calls
• Free text messaging
• Call screening and blocking
• Transcribed voicemails
• Personalized greetings for different incoming numbers
• Conference calls
• Call recording and archiving
• Mobile apps for multiple operating systems



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