July 5

NewOCR and FreeOCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Untitled3OCR tools solve a challenge I’ve had multiple times: I receive a PDF that I need to edit in Word or a graphic of text that I need to tweak. Retyping takes too long, and cutting and pasting from a PDF can be frustrating and time-consuming.

On both the FreeOCR and NewOCR sites, you can upload PDFs, JPEGs or other types of image files; and the sites convert them instantly into editable, searchable text.

The results are usually not quite perfect but darn close. NewOCR also helps you preserve the formatting and page layout so your tables, images, captions and headers don’t go haywire in the new document.

Another cool thing: The sites can recognize and process multiple languages.

NewOCR made Beth’s Top Office Software list!


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