July 5

Online and Mobile PDF Tools: easyPDF Cloud and PDF Expert

UntitledOne of the most exciting developments in the PDF world is the move to mobile PDF tools. Now you can open a PDF on your tablet, sign it with your finger and send it off in minutes.

With tools such as iAnnotate, PDF Reader Pro and PDF Expert, the days of printing out a document, signing it and faxing it back are ending. What’s more, you can mark up a PDF, fill out forms and send to others for comment. And most of the apps in this category will cost you less than a cup of highfalutin’ coffee.

EasyPDF Cloud lets you drag and drop files into cute little boxes on a super clean site. You can convert files into PDFs or convert PDFs into Word docs. In addition, you can combine different files into one PDF. If you register for a free account, you can hook your Dropbox to the system and batch-convert files.

EasyPDF Cloud and PDF Expert both made Beth’s Top Office Software list!


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