July 5

Website Tools: Down for Everyone or Just Me and UserTesting.com

Untitled5These two tools don’t really go together, but I find them handy and wanted to share.

One time I was showing my client his new site, and ARGHHH! It was down! We pasted his web address into Downforeveryoneorjustme.com and discovered that it was just a problem with my connection, not his site. We both breathed a sigh of relief.

Down for Everyone or Just Me? is a service of Site5 web hosting. When you find out if your site is down, Site5 flashes a message, “We guarantee our uptime! Switch to Site5 hosting!” Sometimes I’m tempted to take it up on its offer.

UserTesting.com is another helpful site when you’re working on your web presence. For about $50, you can ask a complete stranger (someone who is not your mom) to walk through your site and give feedback. It’s awesome to have a fresh set of eyes, especially if you’ve been staring at the site and tweaking it to death and can no longer be objective.

Down for Everyone or Just Me made Beth’s Top Website Tools list!


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