July 7

Calendars: Cozi Family Organizer and Google Calendar

cozi-organizer_300Even though I go old school with my task lists, I couldn’t live without my synchronized calendars that track but hide personal appointments as well as share public events such as speaking engagements.

If you have a life outside the office, you may need Cozi. Cozi is a family-friendly calendaring tool that allows each member of a family (or office) to share schedules, synchronize lists and keep track of everything that needs keeping track of. In every presentation I give, someone starts smiling and shares how Cozi saved her family’s sanity.

It also offers a number of other apps made for families, including the Family Locater, Sitter Manager, Password Vault and even a coloring book.

My main calendar of choice is Google Calendar. I access the calendar on my iOS devices with the attractive Sunrise app, which also pulls in my Facebook and LinkedIn events. Google Calendar serves as both my home base for appointments and the feed to schedules I need to track in other applications. It’s one of those services I don’t think I could live without.

With Google Calendar, you can create multiple calendars on the same system, so your personal events are marked in orange and work stuff turns up red. Any one of these calendars can be shared with the public as well as individuals, giving permission to view, edit or change as you desire. This allows me to share my work calendar with my assistant, who can add appointments, and my personal calendar with my husband, who can then figure out when I’ve signed up to run another half marathon.

What’s more, you can import other RSS feeds as needed into the calendar, which makes it easy for me to track my presentations for different groups in a special application for speakers.



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  • Thanks for the review. I have wanted these features for a long time as a multi-mom-mompreneur! It looks like I will need to evaluate Cozi Family Organizer!

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