July 8

Downloadable Templates: CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver, Microsoft Office Templates, ThemeForest and WooThemes

envatoIf you don’t want to pay anything at all, it’s easy to Google “free presentation template” or other terms to find collections. I also have found fairly nice starting places in the template communities supported by Microsoft Office  (just start a new document from a template in MS Office software, and explore online templates to see the freebies). But a small investment in a professional template often gives me a high-quality framework that elevates my look without tons of customization. You can also find free and inexpensive third-party templates for other office suites, such as Google Docs and Apple’s iWork programs.

The best collection of template tools that I’ve discovered comes from several sites in the Envato family. Envato is the company behind Freelance Switch, a website that helps freelancers run their businesses. All the Envato sites have the same login and payment system, so you can buy credits on one site and use them on others.

Envato’s collections include GraphicRiver, which contains many categories of templates for small businesses, including print templates, infographics, logos and presentation templates. It also has ThemeForest for website templates and plug-ins, and CodeCanyon for widgets and other fancy add-ons. If you’re just looking for WordPress themes, I have purchased several from WooThemes.

GraphicRiver made Beth’s Top Graphic Tools list!


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