July 8

Gmail: My Email Management System

google-gmail-logoGmail has become my email management of choice for all five of my email addresses. You can import all your email accounts into your Gmail inbox and automatically apply a label as they come in. Gmail has a number of add-ons that can help you sort and track them, plus you can access all your accounts everywhere you can access your Gmail.

Oh, and it’s free, of course.

My Gmail helpers:
• Gmail apps on all iOS devices, including my present favorite, Mailbox app
Yesware for email and lead tracking plus templates ($5/month)
• Smartr for contact management
• Attachments.me to insert and download Dropbox documents from the cloud
• Multiple Inboxes feature from Gmail Labs to divide up my email accounts on the page
• Multiple signatures set up for different email addresses
Zopim  notifications through chat for visitors to AskBethZ.com

Gmail made Beth’s Top Efficiency Tools list!


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