July 8

Pixlr: Free Online Image Editor

pixlr-logoPixlr is my favorite online image editor, with a Flash-based uploader that allows you to edit from any computer without having the software. It’s incredibly amazing, easy to use, fast, convenient and awesome. Does that make it clear how I feel?

I used to be afraid of an Internet hiccup that would make me lose my work, but truthfully it’s become one of my most valuable tools. Download the Pixlr Grabber extension for Firefox or Chrome, and you can right-click on any picture to instantly edit it in Pixlr. It is now integrated with Google Drive so you can save your images into the cloud immediately.

Pixlr Editor has many of the same features as Photoshop; and the Express version is perfect for easy, immediate editing. It also has a fun Instagram-type filter and morphing tool, Pixlr-o-matic, which you can get online and on smart devices.

The company celebrated its fourth anniversary in 2012, and 3D design software giant Autodesk purchased it not long ago. This worries me a little because I want this tool to stay free, easy and available. I’m thinking it’ll start making money through its mobile apps, since it is making quite a name for itself in that arena these days, winning an award for the best Android picture editor and being called an Instagram competitor in some high-profile blogs.

Pixlr made Beth’s Top Graphic Tools list!


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