July 8

Tagxedo: Word Cloud Generator Site

tagxedo-logoTagxedo is the ultimate over-the-top crowd pleaser! It’s my very favorite place to play with words. Tagxedo can either scan text or sites for words, or you can create a list of your own.

Critical Update! Tagxedo is built on Microsoft Silverlight, and Microsoft Silverlight is dying. By April 2015, Chrome browsers will phase out Microsoft Silverlight plugins, but Tagxedo still works fine on Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer — for now.

The awesomeness of Tagxedo is only limited by your imagination. You can change the shape of your art, use your own fonts, customize the colors and spend all day long playing around with it to create a beautiful graphic.

Although you can’t save your work, Tagxedo lets you download your graphics in a number of formats, including print-friendly resolutions. If you are creating Tagxedo art for commercial use (to offer for sale, for example), contact the site owner for licensing pricing.

See Tagxedo in action here…



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