July 9

Fancy Hands: Virtual Assistants for Small Tasks

20121220-130521These days I travel to more than 50 speaking engagements every year. I was lugging around a briefcase that was awesome in airport security lanes because all I had to do was unzip it rather than pull out the computer. But the dang thing weighed about 90 pounds, or so it seemed when I slung it over my shoulder trip after trip.

To save my shoulders, I had to find a replacement – an attractive, airport-friendly, professional bag with wheels – in a nerd-friendly color! Every time I picked up my old briefcase to travel, I thought about the elusive bag. I would search sometimes, but it was just taking too long to find the perfect one. So I went on abusing my back with the old bag for months.

Then I discovered Fancy Hands, a completely nifty site that takes tiny tasks off your plate for $5/request or less. One of the first tasks I sent it was to find me the perfect bag; and within three days, I had a link to an orange, checkpoint-friendly, wheeled tote – on sale even. I was so pleased that I upgraded to 25 tasks a month for $65, and it helps me set appointments, track down lost mail, create cool graphics, research tech tools – you name it – all kinds of little 15-minute tasks that can take me out of work mode and make me lose more time.

Fancy Hands made Beth’s Top Help Tools list!


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