July 9

Flight Tracking Tools: GateGuru and SeatGuru

57946-seatguru-blue-lgGateGuru is a helpful tool for air travel. Before you leave for the airport, the free app tells you how long the security line wait might be and whether your flight is delayed. More importantly, when you’re there, you can read reviews of the stores, services and restaurants in your terminal. I called upon it to find one of those ridiculous vibrating massage chairs one day when my back was killing me after a full day of travel. The chair didn’t help that much, but I was grateful to the app for helping me find the only relief available.

SeatGuru is your insider view into the best seat in the house, or the plane, as it were. Just look up your flight on the site or the apps, and you’ll find a blueprint of the plane with recommendations about where to sit and the seats to avoid.

Both GateGuru and SeatGuru made Beth’s Top Travel Tools list!


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