July 10, 2013

Issuu: Online Magazine/Catalog Creator


issuu_logo_10702376Issuu is one of those tools that can really make you look like a superstar. Have you ever created a fantastic PDF brochure or report – that no one read? Just upload your beautiful PDF to the mystical, magical Issuu site; and your boring document will be transformed into an interactive, dynamic, interesting online resource.

The site transforms almost any type of document into online magazines, books or catalogs that people can flip through. The graphics of the viewing interface will make you look like a pro, and it has built-in features that allow readers to share and download your files. I also like that you can create an Issuu mini version to embed into your site.

During the past year, it’s added the capability to print your document straight from the site; and although the hard copies look great, it’s quite expensive. It has also overhauled the settings to make sure your Issuu documents can be thumbed through on mobile devices.

Issuu made Beth’s Top Presentation Tools list!


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