July 10

Online Event Management: Eventbrite and Brown Paper Tickets

bethSome online event management tools stand out above the rest. My longtime favorite is Eventbrite, which I respect not only for its longevity but also for its long list of integrations and its continuing evolution. One of the best integrations is the capability to push your event into Facebook, which gives you another layer of promotion opportunities. In addition, Eventbrite is the chosen event planning app for another of my favorite tools, Paperless Post, which sends beautiful, unusual email invitations to invitees. MailChimp is also a partner, meaning your invitations can be scooped up through its email blast system, which should be familiar to your database.

Another feature I like about Eventbrite is its At the Door app. You can use its card swiper with your iPad to collect cash and credit cards at the door for no service fee and just a 3 percent credit card processing charge.

As much as I like Eventbrite, Brown Paper Tickets is impressive. The fees (3.5 percent plus 99 cents) end up on the buyer side, so you end up with every penny of your ticket price. And if you use your own credit card processor, Brown Paper Tickets throws back some of its commission to offset the costs. Brown Paper Tickets also integrates into both MailChimp and Facebook Events.

Brown Paper Tickets and Eventbrite both made Beth’s Top Presentation Tools list!


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