July 10

Surveys and Polls: Google Forms, Polldaddy and Poll Everywhere

ETLL Poll_Everywhere LogoAlthough Google Forms lacks sophisticated analysis tools, it takes just minutes to build a simple survey that updates instantly into a Google Drive spreadsheet. Oh, and it’s free for as many questions and responses as your heart desires and very handy for collecting responses on mobile devices.

Polldaddy comes from the makers of WordPress, so the tool is easily integrated into blogs and other websites. You can collect responses online, via Twitter, the mobile app and other options. The free version is more generous than SurveyMonkey, giving you 200 responses and 10 questions per survey.

Lastly but perhaps best-ly, we have Poll Everywhere. Poll Everywhere is a live polling site that allows attendees to respond to a survey with a tweet, text or online entry. You can create multiple-choice polls or use the brainstorming feature so attendees can share words or phrases live with the group.

I use Poll Everywhere all the time to engage attendees, asking fun questions such as, “How much of a nerd are you?” and “Who first coined the word ‘nerd’?” People love seeing the results pop up in real time, and it breaks up a regular old lecture.

Regular audience-response systems cost thousands of dollars, but Poll Everywhere is more than reasonable. It’s free for up to 40 responses per poll, and paid versions start at just $15/month.

Google Forms, Polldaddy and Poll Everywhere all made Beth’s Top Survey Tools list!


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  • Hi, Beth! Looking forward to seeing you at ASAE in August. Anything new in the area of EASY online survey tools? I’ve been using FluidSurveys.com and it’s been pretty good but not very user friendly. Thanks!

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