August 15

Three Questions to Ask before You Build an App

Do You Need an App?
Creating an app can be time consuming and expensive. Ask yourself these three questions before you invest your time and money:

  1. Is your app super amazing?
    The app world is incredibly competitive, and a successful app has to offer something critically important and awesomely different for people to find it valuable enough to keep on their devices. Otherwise they download, use twice and delete.
  2. Do you have the time and money to do a great job?
    You can find plenty of do-it-yourself app builders that will let you package your content for an app. But if you use a free version, you’re going to have to deal with ads and limited features… and an upgrade can cost plenty. Plus, ask yourself if you have the time to devote to maintaining yet another project.
  3. Will a website with responsive design meet your needs?
    Although having your own app is super cool, perhaps it makes more sense to make your website mobile friendly with a template that automatically adjusts itself to the readers’ devices. My main priority when picking a new design for this new site was to make sure it looked great on any device. You can either start with a responsive design template like I did or even create a companion mobile site that detects the browser and automatically delivers the correct version.


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  • two big nerdy thumbs up thanks so much now I just have to use the information that has been given to me.

  • Great questions, Beth. Since the world is going mobile, companies should definitely make sure their websites are mobile friendly. Some may have more to offer than a mobile website can handle and that is the tipping point for deciding to build an app. As with everything, research the competition and know the marketplace before putting time, money and effort into building an app. There are a lot of very lonely apps out there, you don’t want yours to be one of them.

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