JotForm: Full-bodied form builder

JotForm LogoGoogle Forms is a quick-and-easy way to embed a form on your site for free, but it doesn’t have much pizazz. JotForm takes all types of online forms to new levels, both with formatting and functionality.

JotForm (which also spells its name “Jotform,” driving a former English teacher like me crazy!) has a cool integration with Dropbox that deposits submissions directly into your cloud storage. What a great idea for awards submissions! Plus, it has this cool little feature called Wishbox that lets visitors to your website grab a screenshot of something that bugs them and draw arrows to the problem to show you what’s wrong.

JotForm has mobile apps and integrated e-commerce, which allows you to sell products or content. It’s free for up to 100 submissions a month, then starts at about $10/month.


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