August 30

Canva: Drag-and-drop graphic creator

Update for 2017: Canva has had infographic templates for a couple of years, but they’ve been pretty static. Last month Canva announced charts and graphs that you can base on data! Plus, now you can save a presentation to make it look like a webpage, and you can embed your Canva images rather than downloading the graphic then uploading.

Canva just keeps getting better!


Update for 2015: Canva released a Canva for Work paid program that lets companies set up templates that everyone can use to keep brand continuity among departments. $10 per person per month.

Update for 2014: Canva just released a super-awesome iPad app that lets you design with your fingers! Well worth the price — free. 🙂

Non-artistic folks like me need templates and simple instructions to create professional-looking graphics, and Canva is just the thing. The site provides modern and retro frameworks for everything from Facebook timeline images to presentation slides to business cards. It takes just a few minutes to make a badge, invitation or poster with a few clicks of the mouse — perfect for small business folks who just need a quick graphic for a newsletter, social media post or website.

Canva is still in beta, and I still see a few little bugs here and there, but it’s a great tool for quick graphics and fun creations, like my new newsletter designs. Here’s the video from my first Canva review.


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