September 13

PicMonkey: Amusing photo editing

picmonkeyOnce upon a time there was a dream image editing tool called Picnik, which was easy to use, full of features and incredibly adorable. Google snapped them up in 2010, and all the nerds in the kingdom were very sad.

But then Your Nerdy Best Friend stumbled on PicMonkey, a new tool from the founders of Picnik. And behold… the kingdom was full of fun again!

Like Picnik, PicMonkey has an amusing interface that makes image editing fun. You can do everything from crop and resize to add textures and words. They have seasonal themes, like the cool Back to School graphics, with related textures, fonts and virtual stickers to add to your images. PicMonkey


You get the basic stuff for free, or you can pay $33/year for the  Royale subscription, which they encourage with cute little messages every time you try to apply a paid feature to your picture.

Royale PicMonkey

Although the creative options are interesting, I rarely run across a need to add the texture of a crumpled piece of paper into my professional graphics. But if I needed something whimsical, PicMonkey would be my favorite place to go.


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