September 26

iPhone vs. Android: Results of the Poll

My completely unscientific poll regarding the phones of my readers was very interesting. Despite the fact that Android is the operating system in the majority of smartphones on the market, the 215 voters in this survey were mostly iPhone fans.

People who have an Android phone want to keep their Android phones and want me to get an Android phone. iPhone users are similarly loyal. Of the five BlackBerry owners, three want to switch to iPhone. The one person who has a Windows phone wants to keep it.

Because of the loyalty factor, it was no surprise that people recommended I get an iPhone 5s. The people have spoken… and I’m going to listen… kind of. I have an iPhone 4S right now that is still going strong, but I am hungering for a bigger screen. So I think I’ll hold onto this one until the iPhone 6 comes out in 2014 because rumor has it the screen will be bigger. In the meantime, I am still sniffing around to get an unlocked Android phone as a secondary device. So many gadgets… so hard to choose!

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