October 10

EXMO: Affordable event app

EXMO logoAlmost every event I attend these days includes a mobile app, which can cost an organization thousands of dollars to provide. Add another layer of cost for interactive polling plus social media integration — and bringing events into the modern age can blow any budget.

I just discovered a tool called EXMO, which seems like a very reasonably priced event tool that offers several super-cool onsite features to make any event more interactive with polling, live updates, activity walls and other cool stuff.

The pricing is very attractive. You buy credits for attendees, meaning the people who actually download your app on their Android or iOS device. The first 50 attendees at any event are free, and the credits you buy roll over to the next event.

Here’s a quick video I made of how easy it is to set up and launch your own interactive event app.


meetings, social media

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  • Hey Beth,

    I’m a co-founder at EXMO. Thanks for the great review and taking the time to check out our product. Glad you’re a fan 🙂


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