February 13

FlipSnack: An alternative to Issuu

FlipsnackRecently I was speaking to a group of school teachers in Alabama. They loved the idea of letting kids create their own flippable magazines online, and I recommended Issuu, one of my favorite presentation tools.

“That’s awesome,” they said, “but the free version shows other magazines that might be too adult for our kids. Any alternatives?”

Why yes there are, and I’m glad they asked. A site called FlipSnack has a free version with some pretty strict limitations (such as a 15-page limit), but they also have a version for educators with a lot more leeway than the regular free version. FlipSnack might be a great option for those of us not in the educational realm. You can have a monthly subscription to a premium level starting at $8/month, or just upgrade one issue for about $20 to unlock the restrictions and give you the premium features.

FlipSnack is part of the SnackTools suite of products, such as website building, photo galleries, online presentations and more. You can subscribe to the premium level of all their tools at once starting at $30/month.


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