February 13

Valentine’s Giveaway: Super Nerd Pack

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s share some tech tools we LOOOOOVE! Leave a comment with your favorite tech tool below by midnight San Diego time to be entered into a drawing for this nerdy prize pack.

DEADLINE: Midnight San Diego time, Feb. 14, 2014.

nerdy prize pack


just plain fun

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  • I’d have to say Dropbox. Of course it’s great and saves me lots of trouble to be able to sync all my files across all my devices, but it also has a screencap save feature that has saved me so much time taking screencaps.

  • I am loving TAGXEDO as it is so much fun to create beautiful wordy pictures. I am going to be trying Foldify next 🙂

  • Dropbox rates pretty high on my can’t live without application! I tried it after Beth was here in Timmins Ontario (Next to Santa!) last year and presently use it with Simply Accounting. The database files are anywhere I am… I really NEED that CAPE!!! hehehe

    Have a GREAT Day!!

  • Two that are related, http://unroll.me which works for Gmail and Yahoo, that unsubscribes for you, or puts into a daily roll up so that your inbox stays neat and tidy. Also an iPhone app PaperKarma which allows you to take a picture of mail and it unsubscribes you for the junk. Both are my favorite word, FREE.

  • I love my apple TV. It is so cool to be able to do a presentation from my iPad. No wires, no turning to look at the screen. It makes doing presentations so much easier. If I want to, I can flip to another ap and write things on the screen for them to see, or jump to a website and it is so easy.

  • My i-pad screen capture feature — saves a lot of trees since I do not need to print out articles – I can easily up load the info into presentations!

  • My favorite at this moment is PowToons. So fun to use. Doing a presentation with administrators soon and it is my opening act..ha!

  • Your recent workshop was such a treasure for me. I am a bit behind in the tech world, but thanks to you I am beginning to feel like I am gaining some traction in this area of my life. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Right now, I am loving Animoto! I am using it in my classes by having students make little movies with their vocabulary and sight words. They are loving it! Thanks for this little techno gem! I am so grateful for all your help!!!!! Thanks, Beth!!!!!!!!

  • I guess I would have to say my Fitbit right now. I love the tracking it gives me (especially about my sleep!) and it connects with MyFitnessPal (when I remember to use it!). 🙂

  • My favorite tech tool right now is the Lose It! app. I’ve struggled with weight gain all my life and this app takes the emotion out of it. Lose It! simply adds calories going in through food and subtracts calories going out through exercise. It provides graphs, badges for motivation and a great database of foods. Plus, there’s a barcode scanner that makes it even easier to track.

  • Trying to decide my favorite tech tool is very difficult because you presented us with so many awesome ones! For organizational purposes, it would have to be Dropbox but for my other true passion, photography, it is definitely Photoshop! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  • My favorite “tech tool” is BETH! What an incredible resource of all things “techy”…Thanks for all you find and share!!!

  • Does Google count as a tech tool? 😉 It’s my all-time favorite because I can find the answer to any technical question by “googling” it. I also love “printliminator,” which lets you remove photos from a webpage before printing, and “Pixlr,” which is my Photoshop away from Photoshop. I love free tools!

  • Recently I have been loving my subscription to Adobe Export. I work with pdfs so much, and this is way easier than struggling with any other conversion method. It’s not free, but at $20 a year it’s cheap!

  • My favorite tech tool by far has to be Podio. You can collaborate on project management, store documents, organize meetings, and so much more. I believe the first 5 users in your group are free and then they have a reasonable pricing structure. It is great to for those of us who work remotely and don’t have a central server but still need to collaborate securely with team members.

  • I’m loving Layar right now – easy way to build Augmented Reality into our newsletters, programs, greeting cards and more!

  • A tool I love at the moment is Tagxedo — which I learned about from you in one of your nerdy classes. 🙂

  • My favorite tool right now is a free remote PC software. It is called tight VNC. In the classroom I can remote any students computer to help them, check work or check up on them. There are many versions of this software out there and they are expensive. This one only takes a little time to install and set up (approximately 3 minutes per machine you want to access). http://www.tightvnc.com. All you need is the computer name or IP if they have static IP addresses.

  • I really like the phone app Photo Grid because it allows you to have multiple photos formatted into a collage. It’s a great way to share multiple photos at once with friends, instead of sharing/sending individual photos at once.

  • My favorite techie tool is doodle.com. What a super easy way to coordinate schedules to plan meetings. Thanks for sharing all of your tech gadgets and ideas!

  • I really wanted to send a friend who has been feeling down a friendly, virtual Valentine’s Day card. But, I’m a major procrastinator and knew I couldn’t get it in the mail in time to arrive. So, I created a card and used Issu to publish it. I e-mailed the link and helped brighten my friend’s day. If it hadn’t been for a Beth Z presentation I attended with MASAE, I never would’ve known about Issu. I use it professionally. I use it personally. It’s awesome; and, so is Beth!

    • I forgot about SnagIt! I love this tool and was able to do so much with it. I wish I had that application on my computer. I have to use Microsoft’s version, Snipping Tool and it is not the same!

  • I’m loving Canva – thanks to your recommendation! I use it to create great posts for our FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and Pinterest accounts. So easy and it looks so professional!

  • Without a doubt, FlipBoard! I am using it with my students. They have created their own magazines, and love that they can select the articles they want to put in them. They are reading more, and more widely, since I have introduced them to it. I share my magazines with them, and have created subject specific magazines for them as teaching aids.

  • It sounds so brown-nosey that I almost hate to admit it, but my very favorite Tech Tool is Friday NerdWords. Honest! I get great ideas from someone who actually understands what the apps/tech toys/thingys are supposed to do, has tried them, and then shares the good ones! Wow! My friends are coming close to thinking that I may actually be a bit cool… Well, almost…

  • I LOVE my FitBit!! It’s a pedometer that tracks my daily steps, and it has a great online platform that allows me to set goals, track my workouts and food intake, and track my progress. In January, I got a progress report email with statistics from the previous year; best workout day, best/worse activity month, etc.

  • I absolutely love Socrative! It is a great way to get a formal assessment completed with staff members!!!

  • Do I have to pick just one!?!? My favorite app is ShopSavvy! I don’t like to pay regular price for anything and it helps me make sure I am getting the best price (in store or online).

  • I love betwext remind which you can set up to send you text message reminders in a really simple and user-friendly way. It is great if you need to bug yourself to get something done. I’m also loving Wunderlist, which I found in your book.

  • My absolutely favorite tech tool right now (thanks to your presentation) is Tagxedo. I’ve been having so—-ooooo much fun with it and going to town in creating cards, programs, flyers – you name it and I probably did it. Thanks for sharing this incredible too with us!

  • Using Jing to make mini training videos for our partners (and some office mates who need extra “assistance”). Currently my favorite tech tool. Must also give a shout out to Snipping Tool – how did I ever live without 🙂

  • My favorite tech tool right now is Duolingo – I’m refreshing my high school French and am looking forward to exploring all the languages it has to offer.

  • my husband is my favorite tech tool! He knows everything about electronics…..he is my favorite nerd. 🙂

  • My favorite tech tool is Photoshop. There is so much to it–and I’ve only exposed the tip of the iceberg! Happy Valentine’s Day, Beth!

  • I absolutely love my iPhone 5 camera. Really high quality pictures and video are produced here. Love that it is so good that I don’t have to carry around another piece of technology (digital camera). Love that I can take high quality video and I use it to produce video products for my business, and now that I’ve been seen around locally, I produce video for others too. All from my iPhone! Love it! Love it! Love it!

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